Greater Palestine

The Settlements

Why were Israelis terrorists in 1948? To make a state.
Why have some Palestinians been terrorists?

Why are there Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza? Because some Jews regard Samaria and Judea as their home. Why will there be Palestinians settlements in Israel? For every Jewish settlement in the West Bank and Gaza, a Palestinian settlement in Israel.

Why settlements in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt? Because there is not enough room in the West Bank and Gaza. Alongside Jewish settlements in the Golan, there will be Palestinian settlements in the Golan.

Every Palestinian refugee in a camp in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan will find a settlement home in Lebanon, or in Syria, or Jordan, or in Egypt, or in Israel.

250,000 of the four million Palestinian refugees in the diaspora will be chosen to exercise the right of return to land in Israel.

They will join a million Israeli Arabs, who will be given the option of dual Palestinian citizenship, and the chance to help build Greater Palestine.

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